Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Album Preview: My Morning Jacket "Z"

My Morning Jacket
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My Morning Jacket have been on the verge of becoming "the next big thing" but have still remained a great lesser known bands. Again critics are predicting that this album will be that album. I have only heard a few of the tracks on "Z". They performed a few new tracks when I saw them in July. I felt that they all were really good, however wasn't to fond of the new single "Off the Record". But since then this song has circulated on the internet and I have grown to like it and sing it quite often. As for if this record will make My Morning Jacket "the next big thing" I don't think so and I think I prefer it that way. Although I am a huge fan of MMJ I would prefer to see them becoming famous from their more avant sound. The songs that I have heard from this album contain a new direction for Jim James. He leads the band in a more reggea meet country rock vibe. "Z" will be released in early October, you can currently preorder the album here. Album release will be followed up by massive fall tour.


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