Tuesday, March 07, 2006

R.I.P Ali Farka Toure

Since I am a little lost for words I am going to quote my friend who spent the past two years in Africa. Here is what he had to say "When I was in Mali everyone was saying he was in France and really sick. They dedicated the festival in the dessert to him and the festival on the river so I guess it was not looking good. He left behind a lot of great music for us all to enjoy and I feel privilaged to have seen him once live. One of the great musicians of all time."
Here is what CNN had to say, "Two-time Grammy Award winner Ali Farka Toure of Mali, one of Africa's most famous performers, died Tuesday after a long illness, Mali's Culture Ministry announced. He was in his late 60s."(read more at CNN.com)
Downloads(both are yousendit links):
Ali's Here
Mali Dje


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