Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ryan Adams covers Alice in Chains and debuts new material

Ryan Adams played a few shows last week to promote the upcoming release of his new album, "Easy Tiger". These shows saw Ryan confined to playing only the piano and singing after suffering from an undisclosed injury. I hope Ryan recovers soon but I have to admit I really like the sound of the Cardinals at these shows. Ryan and the band took kind of an unplugged/Reckoning approach to these shows by performing all acoustic sets. In addition to the striped down sound, the band also all sat upon stools which if I remember correctly was an unplugged requirement. In addition to debuting new material from "Easy Tiger" Ryan also debuted his take on the Alice and Chain's song "Down in a Hole". All I can say is "wow". This was a great choice and done beautifully. Here are two tracks from the Kingston show. But I urge you to check out the whole recording over at Ryan Adams Archive.

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
Ulster Performing Arts Center
Kingston, N.Y.
May 16, 2007
Down in a Hole(Alice in Chains Cover)
Magnolia Mountain

There plenty of Ryan Adams else where on the web
Aquarium Drunkard has excerpts from both Exile on Franklin St. and the Destroyer Sessions
The Punk Guy has a few live MP3s.
That Truncheon Thing has a MP3 of "Everybody Knows" from the upcoming album.
Product Shop NYC also has two new tracks


At 10:20 PM, Blogger Dean said...

Any chance you can e-mail me the MP3 of "Down in a Hole"?


At 10:56 PM, Blogger Dean said...

Nevermind. I figured it out. I'm stupid. Thanks for posting these songs!


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