Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Album Preview: Devendra Banhart "Cripple Crow"

Devendra Banhart
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Another artist set to take the world by storm is Devendra Banhart. Devendra put out two of last year’s best albums, “Rejoicing in the Hands” and “Nino Rijo”. Now it looks like he may be putting out one of this year’s best albums. Which is quite the accomplishment, considering all of the high profile album released this year.
“Cripple Crow” sees Devendra joined by a full band, helping to add a new depth and complexity to his already amazing song writing. For many of us this is the album we have been waiting for Devendra to release. Since the release of his first album “Oh Me Oh My” comparisons have been made to early Marc Bolan recording. So perhaps this is Banhart’s “Electric Warrior”. Devendra’s new sound that is classic folk rock presented in the most magical and whimsical way that on Devendra could create. Highlights of the album include the haunting “Mama Wolf” and the fun and catchy “Long Haired Child”
This fall will see Devendra do a major U.S tour with his new band “the Hairy Fairies” in addition to these dates Devendra will be performing an in store performance at the Virgin Mega Store in Union Square next Tuesday. As well as headline a sold out CMJ Showcase at the Bowery Ballroom next Wednesday. I highly recomend checking out his live show. I have seen him many times and each show has been amazings. Also Devendra is not afraid of inviting guest musicians on to the stage which leaves room for a surprise or two. Below is a picture from him Tonic Benifit show.

Devendra Banhart @ Tonic

“Cripple Crow” will be released on September 13, 2005.


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