Sunday, March 12, 2006

Les Savy Fav @ the Warsaw

One of the best parts of the live music experience it he inter action between the band and the audience. Few bands engage the audience as well as Les Savy Fav. Les Savy Fav proved again on Friday why they are one of the best live bands around these days. I can only think of a hand full of other musician that put as much energy and commitment into their stage show as Tim Harrington does. It would be easy to write some of Tim's actions off as cheesy antics but fortunately he comes off as the sincerest of musicians and his fans love him for it The crowd at the Warsaw on Friday was moshing, clapping and screaming along at the top of their lungs. Tim even tried to help out one young audience member who had travel all the way from Philadelphia. The young fan who was completely trashed climbed on to the stage while Tim asked audience members if the young kid could stay at their place. What made this part of the show so great was when the kid jumper face first back into the crowd and no one caught him.
Les Savy Fav
Les Cavy Fav


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