Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Whitestripes at Cincinnati Music Hall.

The Whitestripes 2
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The Whitestripes played Cincinnati Music Hall on September 12, 2005. Have seen the Whitestripes quite a few times and although this show was not my favorite performance of theirs it was still a very good show. The new material sounded great live some of it much better than it does on "Get Behind me Satan". One specific example of this "the Nurse" which was speed up and shortened and was preformed with Jack playing the xylophone and triggering feedback from his guitar. "Instinct Blues" also sounded great and is even more powerful live. In addition to the new songs sounding great the Whitestripes have not forgotten how to play their old songs. Ball & Biscuit sounded great, and continues to be one of their best songs live. They decide to play two 45 minutes set and then a 15-minute encore. Although I was more than pleased with the length of this show the two sets format, which kind of gave and A and B side feel to the night didn’t completely work for me. I kind of wish they had kept their momentum going and just played straight through. Jack and Meg were also joined by Johnny walker of the Solebad Brothers for Fought Piranhas/Going Back to Memphis. And jack also treated the audience to a five-minute story about a dream he had, which involved a cheese danish and city bus. The Whitestripes play Keyspan Park on September 24th and 25th.


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