Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Jon Brion @ the Canal Room

Jon Brion played his third and final show in New York City last night. The 2 hour long set was filled with a number of originals and lots of covers. Including Captain and Tennille's "Love will Keep us together", Nirvana's "Lithium", David Bowie's "Heroes" and many more. The cover of "Heroes" was awesome. It was the final song of the night and it rocked my sock way off. It is so much fun to watch him build a track piece by piece and he seems to have so much fun doing it. It was especially cool to watch him build "heroes" because he seemed to jam of every instrument as he brought into the song. The crowd really seemed to be enjoying the show, which is sometimes hard to find in New York City. Jon also promised that he will be back very soon. Let's hope so. So to keep with my new rating system this show easily gets four socks off.
Jon Brion
Jon Brion
Jon Brion
As always see more photo here.


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