Sunday, October 16, 2005

My Morning Jacket @ Avalon

My Morning Jacket show on Saturday night at the Avalon left with seriously melted face and with sock rocked completely off. They played through a mixture of both old a new material. They began with "wordless Chorus" while the stage was completely dark. Jim’s amazing voice coming out of complete darkness was breath taking. They then proceed to play the following two tracks from "Z" which are "It Beats for You" and "Gideon". All of these new songs got a pretty good response from the crowd but when the opening notes of "One Big Holiday" started the crowd went wild. And the band didn’t let up. Next they went into one of my personal favorite "O is the One". This version was great there was a very high level of energy in the room at this point. The energy between the band the audience just continued to grow as the night went on. The band was even joined by Kathleen Edwards for "Golden". The band end their set with a great three song punch of "Lay Low" which just sounds amazing live, "Dondante" which is just a totally amazing song, and of course "Run Thru" which drove the crowd into a frenzy. My only complaint about this show was that the Avalon becomes a nightclub after the bands play so the show was over at 9:30. Overall I had a great time and I expect their show at sold out show at Webster Hall on Tuesday to be amazing.
Set List:
Wordless Chorus, It Beats For You, Gideon, One Big Holiday, O is the One The Way He Sings. Golden, What a Wonderful Man, Off the Record, Lay Low Dondante, Run Thru
Just One Thing, How Could I Know, Mahgeetah, Anytime
My Morning Jacket
My Morning Jacket
My Morning Jacket
My Morning Jacket
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