Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sub Pop Showcase (Part 2)

The big winner for me was Kinski . These guys are incredible and by far the most unique sounding band among
a lineup in which many of the bands sounded very similar With their Black Sabbath and AC/DC riff rock meets God Speed Your Black Emperor instrumental rock they speed through a 45-minute set. Only one song contained vocals at all. This set of heavy riff played at intense speed was what this showcase needed. Kinski said more with this set of all instrumental than any of the other bands said with songs full lyrics. I will definitely check them out again.
Kinski downloads.
The Wives of Artie Shaw
There's Nothing Sexy about Time
New India
Next Up was Rogue Wave . I kind of felt a little indifferent to Rogue Wave. I think their set might have gone over better had they performed before Kinski. Rogue Wave also played a country indie rock style of music that was similar Holopaw and the Fruit Bats. Again there were elements of this music that I liked such as the use of the pedal steel and that the band switch up instrument is always quite impressive. But I felt that their music was limited by the range of the lead singer’s voice. He often came of sounding whinny and hurt. There just wasn’t enough emotion in his vocals. However their set did get better as the night went on.
Rouge Wave
Next up was The Wolf Parade who were one of this years most hyped bands of this years event. Wolf Parade hail from Montreal and have developed a reputation for their live shows. Most of this reputation derives from stories about how they were kicked out of the Queen Mary during last year ATP Festival . Wolf Parade showed a lot potential during their short set. The songs definetly got the crowd moving and the is very caramatic and have a lot of stage presence. They also never used their real name on stage but only refered to themselves as “the queen haters from Canada”. However their sound did sufer from their poor choice to rent equiment instead of bring their own. I expect their set on October 24 at Bowery Ballroom to a lot better.
Wolf Parade
Wolf Parade Downloads
Shine a light
You are a Runner
Wolf Parade
I decide to leave after Wolf Parade, since I had seen the the Constantines the night before. I kind of wish I had stayed because I am sure a lot of people left after Wolf Parade leaving the room empty which makes it hard for a band to put on a good show. Overall I was very pleased with this show. I will definetly be checkig out both Wolf Parade and Kinski when they return to NYC. This was also the final cmj show I went to this year.


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