Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Morning After Girls, play after Anton.

Last night The Morning After Girls played after Anton stormed off the stage and disappeared into the night. Their set was almost cancelled after they demanded an apology from Anton who insulted the keyboard/tambourine player of the Morning After Girls. But they final did come on and I glad they did. It was nice to hear some more music after Anton’s debauchery. The Morning After Girls are a psychedelic rock band from Australia that sound similar to The Warlocks and BRMC . They create a kind of wall of sound effect with heavy riffs and lots of reverb. But the one thing that separates them from these other bands it that they seem to have more fun and encourage the audience to dance. This was definitely one of their strong points because their sound is very familiar.
The Morning After Girls
Stream songs by The Morning after Girls Here
The Morning After Girls 2


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