Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Avett Brothers @ the Bowery Ballroom

I was extremely impressed with the Avett Brothers show at the Bowery Ballroom this past Friday. Their set which ran for over two hours and the band never once let up. The Avett Brothers play great mix country, folk, and bluegrass but mixed with a modern music feel. Nicole Atkins and the Sea and O'Death opened the show. As always O'Death got the crowd hooting and stomping during their great set. I was less than impressed with Nicole Atkins. In my opinion she was rather boring but the hometown crowd seemed to really enjoy her. For those that missed The Avett Brothers this past Friday, they will be back on August 20 on the Rocksoff boat cruise. Jen from the Musicslut has more on the show at the Bowery.


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