Monday, January 15, 2007

Gil Mantera's Party Dream @ the Knitting Factory

I have never really been sure what to make of Gil Mantera's Party Dream. The group, which is made up of brothers Donny and Gil Mantera, play a sort of synth-pop-rock mixed with a good bit of humor. On Saturday I headed down to the Knitting Factory to catch what I thought was going to be as much a stand up performance as it was a going to be rock show. But what I got was an all out crazy rock show. The sold out crowd just went insane during their set. The band barely gave the crowd a moment to breathe as the blasted through their 1-hour set. Overall it was a great time and if you haven't the Party Dream live strong suggest you catch them on their current tour.

See a few more photos here and just in case you are interested here is the video for "Elmo's Wish".


At 3:43 AM, Blogger shmooth said...

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At 3:44 AM, Blogger shmooth said...

u can catch one song from the Party Dream's set at Baeble Music:

i'm glad those guys are finally getting some recognition.

and this site, Baeble Music - phew. too much. i love it.

...just re-posted, making that link active.


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