Monday, September 19, 2005

Beans at the Bowery Ballroom (CMJ Part 2)

Beans 2
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Beans and Holy Fucks performance was one of the most pleasant surprises during this years CMJ festival. Beans is a former member of the rap group Anti Pop Consortium The last time I saw Beans perform was when he opened for Tortoise. I wasn’t very impressed with his performance at that show. He false started a few tracks and was only a cd player backing him up. But now with the strength of the live backing band his performance was great. The array of instruments that the members of Holy Fuck played was also impressive. One member was using some sort of film/magnetic tape and running it through a very old analog reader. It created a very cool sound. Beans even gave the band two opportunities to play by themselves. The first was kind of intro jam before he came on and the second time was when he told them to “make something up” when he needed a break. Beans' great word play worked well with the trippy heavy beats of Holy Fuck



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