Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Catfish Haven @ Emo's Annex

Catfish Haven are definitely one of my favorite discoveries at SXSW. I walked in at the very begin of their set at the Secretly Canadian showcase on Saturday night. I was immediately impressed my the bluesy voice of lead singer George Hunter. Catfish Haven describe themselves as "soulful howling over an acoustic guitar turned way up. hopeful yearning for better days echoed through amps and a drum kit." which sums them up perfectly. Pitchfork recently gave their new release "Please Come back" a 7.6 and say "Hunter's smoky-throated moans and the lucid, feel-good quality of the music-- but there is no irony here. Nothing in the hooky melodies is purposefully obscured, and there's no sense of winking amusement at playing rootsy bar rock in a post-rock musical climate."
Catfish Haven Downloads
Please Come back
To Hung over to Headbang
Paper Thin


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