Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Fiery Furnaces @ the Bowery Ballroom

One of the most interesting aspect of The Fiery Furnances is their ability to continue to redefine themselves in a live setting. The songs always sound radically different from tour to tour and last night was no exception. This was totally different band from the last time they played the Bowery Ballroom. They have adopted a much heavier sound. Eleanor has begun to play guitar again and Matt is no longer playing keys. I haven't had a chance to listen to their new album Bitter Tea yet, but what I have heard I enjoy much more than their last album. The songs they performed from the new album last night sounded great. They seem to have gotten back to what they do best which is play a great stream of conscience rock and roll.
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At 3:54 PM, Anonymous JK said...

Bitter Tea is a good album, and obviously not really anything like they played it. The big rock was good, but you'll be more into some of the pretty slow ballads on record. I put a review of this show up today over at, if anyone has any interest.


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