Friday, April 07, 2006

Medeski, Martin, and Wood The Concert Hall @ the New York Society for Ethical Culture

Medseki, Martin, and Wood have been one of my go to bands for the past ten years. Of the 50 some times I have seen them I don't think I have ever left disappointed. And since I have been having a hard time finding my musical high place lately I was hoping that MMW would help me out of this rock slump. Last night MMW played one good set and one great set of minimal acoustic jazz improv. The first set was pretty standard for MMW, but the second set was amazing. The set began with an fuckin' kick ass bass solo from Chris. Chris would continue to be the main focus for the rest of the set. I didn't completely get back into the rocking spirit last night but I am sure that Jack White and the rest of the Raconteurs will do the trick tonight.
Last night also got me think about all the great venues I have seen MMW play. Society for Ethical Culture easily ranks in the top 5 venues where I have seen them. This room would be a great alternative to Town Hall. Which is one of my least favorite venues in the city.


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