Monday, June 05, 2006

Mike Gordon & Ramble Dove @ Irving Plaza

Last week Mike Gordon brought his new band, Ramble Dove, to Irving Plaza . Earlier in the day Mike announced that Trey Anastasiowould be coming by to jam at the show. This made me even more excited for this concert. But first I would have to make it to the concert. As the day went on I began to have a slight pain in my stomach. Being busy at work and anxious for the concert I just ignored the pain.
After work I headed home to change my clothes and get ready for the show. On my way home I ran into Jim James of My Morning Jacket. Jim was in town because MMJ were opening for Pearl jam at Continental Airlines Arena. We spoke briefly about what MMJ was up to and then we went our separate ways. I decide to take this chance meeting a good omen and continue onto the concert even though the pain in my stomach was growing increasing worse. This was the right decision.
The show at Irving plaza last week was beyond fun. If you look up the word fun in the dictionary it will tell you to go a Ramble Dove concert. Mike and company did everything right. This style of music is right up my alley. Ramble Dove play a sort of funky honky tonk part Gram Parson part Phish and definitely country.
The first set started with just Mike and Ramble Dove on stage. The crowd was definably enjoying themselves. But it wasn’t until Mike welcomed Trey to the stage the crowd erupted. By this point in the concert I was having such a good time that I wasn’t even thinking about the pain I was in I was just rocking and stomping to the music. Trey fit into Ramble Dove’s sound perfectly. The second set was just more of the same, opening with a version of “Cocaine Blues” and featuring a great country version of the Phish song “Possum”. By the end of the show I had heard some great tune, learned of a great new musician named Grace Potter (I will have a review soon), met some new people and even wished another Gemini a very happy birthday. Unfortunately this was also the last good time I had last week. The next morning I would awake in so much pain that I would make a brief stop at work followed by a long trip to the ER.
To see all my photos from the concert go here


At 3:41 PM, Anonymous ryan said...

DAMMIT!!!!!! i can't believe I forgot this effin' show....i'm so dissapointed in myself....

At 12:19 AM, Anonymous JMoney said...

Hope you're feeling better. Second most fun of any Phishy side project after Pork Tornado. The really weird thing was that even though Trey was up there, the crowd kept getting thinner and thinner. The 3 part harmony Possum chorus with all three dudes lined up in the front was awesome. Probably close to what Holdsworth intended when he wrote it. Can't recall what the setup was when he played Albany with them though. And Grace Potter is awesome. -J$

At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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