Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Black Keys @ The Warsaw

The last time I saw The Black Keys was at the Mercury Lounge when they played there two nights in a row. I think this was almost two years ago. So I figured it was about time to check them out again. The Warsaw has to be one of my favorite places to see shows. I love the Polish food they serve before each show. You can get a big plate of food for only five dollars. So I headed over to the Warsaw last Thursday to see the Black Keys, who I missed the night before at Irving Plaza. I got there early enough to get some food and get a good spot on the dance floor. The Warsaw has the feel of a high school gym and the lighting for the concerts there remind me of junior high school dances. The Black Keys came on shortly before 11pm and played until about 12:15am. My only complaint is that their set felt very short. I usually don't complain about how long a band plays but the Black Keys have 3 albums and plenty of material to play an additional 15 minutes to this short set. Their set was very high on energy and the crowd was really enjoying it. They played through a mixture of old and new originals. They also played a lot of cover songs including "No Fun" and "She Said, She Said". Overall the show was fun and I really enjoyed myself. I give it two and half socks off.
The Black keys
The Black Keys
The Black keys
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