Thursday, June 08, 2006

Catfish Haven @ the Knitting Factory

Catfish Haven were definitely one of my favorite discoveries at SXSW. I have found myself listening to their EP “Please Come Back” a lot. I will often listen to the song “Still Hungover” over and over again. I am happy that I have gotten the chance to see them twice in NYC during the last few months. The first time was when they opened for Cold War Kids at Pianos and last night at the Knitting Factory . Their set last night was great as usual. George Hunter’s vocals are just so perfect for their southern-fired blues-rock and Miguel Castillo’s bass playing just drives this band. Their set last night featured mostly of the songs from “Please Come Back” as well as a few new songs that will appear on their upcoming full length album. They are playing again tonight at South Paw and will also be Lollapalooza. Check their website for all other dates.
See a few more photos from last night here.


At 4:57 PM, Anonymous marty said...

glad to see you feeling well and back in action danfun. last night's show was so solid from start to finish. i didn't catch catfish haven's entire set, but really liked what i saw, and black angels were really good too. did you take off before pink mountaintops? they were fantastic! my pics and reviews should be up in the next day or two.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger danfun said...

I did leave early. I have seen Pink Mountaintops 3 times in the past 3 months and I have just been really exhausted lately.


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