Friday, November 18, 2005

Neko Case @ Joe's Pub

Neko Case played two sold out shows at Joe's Pub last night. Neko and her band were is a very playful mood as they played through a mixture of old and new material during their hour and half set. Neko's voice and song writing is just amazing in many ways it is reminiscent of Emma Lou Harris and Patsy Cline. Much her sound is made up of country and traditional roots American music but she brings a very fresh feel to this style of music.. Neko's band is as equally talented. She had multi instrumentalist that played banjo, pedal steel, guitars, and a dobro. Neko's in between songs banter was also priceless. Neko would often comment on what people were eating or would ask if it was any good. Overall it was a great show and made me a big fan of her music.
Neko Case


At 1:33 PM, Blogger daru said...

you've got good reviews of some great music! wanna check out neko case some more now....was just at the bridge school benefit in sf, saw emmylou (among all the other badasses) and was blown away! glad you got to hear kenny's marching band on halloween too- they're always a good time :) thanks!


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