Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ the Bowery Ballroom Night 1

This morning we decided to with hold our judgment on last nights show until we had read some other people's opinions on the Yeah Yeah Yeah's first of two shows at the Bowery Ballroom. It wasn't much of a shock to read that most people thought the show was just mediocre. Most people complained about the crowd or that they played too many new songs or that there were too many people taking photos or that they weren't allowed to take photos and so on and so on.
Hearing new songs is something we here at WDTB have always enjoyed, and in this case it was something to be expected. Most of the new songs sounded good. Perhaps a few of them were to similar to older material. But if it isn't broken than don't try to fix it. People's complaints seemed less to do with the sound of these songs and more to do with the fact that they played too many. This is just unfair to the band, the band probably booked these shows so that they could have the opportunity to try out new material on crowds that they hoped would be made up mostly of fans.
Now to addess the crowd issue, we do not like to critique the crowds unless their behavior is dangerous or just flat out rude. To let something as insignificant as another member of the crowd effect your good time is not o.k. It shouldn't matter weather the crowd is rocking like 10 rockers on a rock boat or if they are standing still like prickly cactus. All we do is focus on the music. Now weather the music grabs you is a different story and it is some what up to the band. To blame the crowd for a bad concert isn't fair. The band must also bring the heat and perhaps last night's show wasn't their best performance. Not every show is going to be the most memorable night of your life. So tonight just try to enjoy the music and have fun.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Phil Lesh hearts Ryan Adams

Phil Lesh the man known for dropping bombs in the Grateful Dead for over 30 years recently concluded his "Hell I still Love you New York" tour. These 8 shows over 10 nights allowed Phil Lesh the opportunity to proclaim his man love for Ryan Adams. Phil performed a whopping 10 different Ryan Adams songs. Three of which were played more than once. This evidence makes it painfully clear that Phil is smitten with Ryan. But what worries us the most about this crush is that Phil might not be able to handle the heartbreak that Ryan can cause. Ryan is known for loving them and leaving them and at Phil's age he may not be able to compete with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Parker Posey. However perhaps there is a chance for these two to make sweet love , I mean music. They have played together a few times and Ryan has been covering Bird Song and Wharf Rat with the Cardinals. The two also were also recently seen working together at New York's Loho Studios. We decided to sort through all of these Ryan Adams covers and present to you the three best. But if that wasn't enough we have also provide you with the opportunity to hear Ryan's take on some classic Grateful Dead songs. So here is your opportunity to examine the two sides and decide if this musical union should go forth.

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Phil and Friends(with Warren Haynes) - Bartering Lines
Phil and Friends (with Trey Anastasio) - What Sin
Phil and Friends - Cold Roses
Ryan Adams - Stella Blues
Ryan Adams - Wharf Rat>Birdsong