Monday, May 01, 2006

Townes Van Zandt & Guy Clark: Live at the Cactus Cafe

If you haven't seen the recent documentary Be Here to Love Meabout the late great Townes Van Zandt you really should. It is an amazing movie bout one of the greatest song writers to ever have lived. Around the time I was watching "Be Here to Love Me" I thought it would be cool to post a few Townes Van Zandt songs on here. Instead of posting just a few tracks I have posted this entire concert of Townes and Guy Clark from 1991. If you enjoy this recording you really should check out "Live at the Old Quarter" or "live at MacCabe's".

Townes Van Zandt & Guy Clark
Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX
No Lonesome Tune
L.A Freeway
Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold
Fraternity Blues
Old Friends
Texas 1947
Homegrown Tomatoes
Let Him Roll
Intro to Pancho And Lefty
Pancho & Lefty
Snowin' On Raton
Desperados Waiting For A Train

Sonic Youth playing CBGB's

Sonic Youth will playing CBGB's on June 13th. Ticket go on sale on Friday at 10pm via ticketweb.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

OM, Pearls & Brass, Wooden Wand, etc. @ the Knitting Factory

Wooden Wand and the Enablers
Wooden Wand played four shows in New York City, in the past three days. I saw the first show on Thursday a the Mercury Lounge and his final show last night at the Knitting Factory. They were the same exact set. Both sets were very good. Most of the songs he played were off of his album "Harem of the Sundrum" as well as a number of tracks off his new album "Second Attention" that is coming out on Kill Rock Stars at the end of the summer. Other than one tentative date scheduled at Union Pool on June 20 Wooden Wand doesn't have any more sows planed until after the summer.
Wooden Wand - We Must Also Love the Thieves(Demo)
Wooden Wand/Hush Arbors/Satya Sai - At the Crossroads

Most of my interest in Neptune was for their homemade instruments. However I couldn't really get too much into their sound. Neptune mostly reminded me of a hundred other bands that I saw when living in Providence, RI(the home of noise rock IMO). They were just to predictable when it came to their songs. Noisy part, hush part, noisy part and so on and so on.

Pearls and Brass
Pearls and Brass performance last night was awesome. These guys perform some great Black Sabbath influenced 1970's hard rock. Pearls and Brass perform at Union Pool on June 7 and then head out on a very long tour.
Pearls and Brass - Face the God
Pearls and Brass - Highway Sermon

Growing performed after Pearls and Bass but I spent this time drinking 3 dollar PBR and talking about the upcoming New York City Beard and Moustache Championships and weather or not wide mouth cans were a good or bad thing.

After about 3 minutes of OM set I was in full head bobbing mode. I couldn't control my body from swaying to Al Cisneros drone bass and and my head from nodding to Chris Hakius awesome drum beats. These guys just get so low and put together great 15 minute epic drone psychedelic rock songs.