Thursday, September 08, 2005

The National and CYHSY

Last night was my first time attending a show at the Warsaw, and I must say it was a fantastic show. Both CYHSY and The National played great sets. The sold out crowd loved CYHSY set, unfortunately a lot of people left after they played. To those that left I must say you missed a great set from The National.

The National

The National 2



Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Album Preview: Devendra Banhart "Cripple Crow"

Devendra Banhart
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Another artist set to take the world by storm is Devendra Banhart. Devendra put out two of last year’s best albums, “Rejoicing in the Hands” and “Nino Rijo”. Now it looks like he may be putting out one of this year’s best albums. Which is quite the accomplishment, considering all of the high profile album released this year.
“Cripple Crow” sees Devendra joined by a full band, helping to add a new depth and complexity to his already amazing song writing. For many of us this is the album we have been waiting for Devendra to release. Since the release of his first album “Oh Me Oh My” comparisons have been made to early Marc Bolan recording. So perhaps this is Banhart’s “Electric Warrior”. Devendra’s new sound that is classic folk rock presented in the most magical and whimsical way that on Devendra could create. Highlights of the album include the haunting “Mama Wolf” and the fun and catchy “Long Haired Child”
This fall will see Devendra do a major U.S tour with his new band “the Hairy Fairies” in addition to these dates Devendra will be performing an in store performance at the Virgin Mega Store in Union Square next Tuesday. As well as headline a sold out CMJ Showcase at the Bowery Ballroom next Wednesday. I highly recomend checking out his live show. I have seen him many times and each show has been amazings. Also Devendra is not afraid of inviting guest musicians on to the stage which leaves room for a surprise or two. Below is a picture from him Tonic Benifit show.

Devendra Banhart @ Tonic

“Cripple Crow” will be released on September 13, 2005.

Album Preview: My Morning Jacket "Z"

My Morning Jacket
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My Morning Jacket have been on the verge of becoming "the next big thing" but have still remained a great lesser known bands. Again critics are predicting that this album will be that album. I have only heard a few of the tracks on "Z". They performed a few new tracks when I saw them in July. I felt that they all were really good, however wasn't to fond of the new single "Off the Record". But since then this song has circulated on the internet and I have grown to like it and sing it quite often. As for if this record will make My Morning Jacket "the next big thing" I don't think so and I think I prefer it that way. Although I am a huge fan of MMJ I would prefer to see them becoming famous from their more avant sound. The songs that I have heard from this album contain a new direction for Jim James. He leads the band in a more reggea meet country rock vibe. "Z" will be released in early October, you can currently preorder the album here. Album release will be followed up by massive fall tour.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Doc Watson @ Lincoln Center

On Saturday evening I headed up to Lincoln center to see Doc Watson perform as part of the "Roots of American Music" series. Doc has had a huge influence on folk, bluegrass, and traditional American roots music. He was born in North Carolina, and has created a style all his own. He was blind from infancy and taught himself to play first the banjo and then the guitar. In the cool summer night Doc played a magnificent set of classic bluegrass and folk songs. One highlight for me was his take on the song "Shady Grove". It was performed brilliantly and slowly faded out in the soft sounds of crickets.

Doc Watson

Monday, September 05, 2005

Saturday Afternoon in Brooklyn.

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The Mighty Robot and The Twisted Ones through there fourth annual "Brooklyn Rock Festival" on Saturday. This event was nice BBQ type event and was a [erfect way to end the summer. Nothing could possiblely been nicer than spending Labor day weekend outside listening to a great lineup of bands. The first band I saw was Fireball. Who played a nice set. They were an all female group that very much had a Sleater Kinney thing going on. Overall they definetly rocked, however the sound could have been turn up significantly. They also mentioned that they just recorded a cd and it would be out soon. I then watched Hospitals set from the bridge. You couldn't hear very well from this view point so i don't have much to say about them. Perhaps I will check them out the next time they play.

Fireball Example After there set I moved back done front to watch the there fianl acts of the afternoon. First up was the Ex-Models. I dig these guys sound however at times they get lost making noise and not focusing on song structure. In my opion there best songs are when they are both playing guitar.
Nest up was
  • The Double
  • They kind of a modern Pink Floyd thing going that I really like. Their sound is very similar to The Secert Machines but a little less pop oriented. However they are still able to move from space rock to a "no wave" sound. You can listen to a few mp3 on their website.
    The last band of the day to play was Oneida. These guys are a great live band. They just tear it up everytime I see them. Oneida preforms a sort of prog, psychadelic rock that stays focoused with a heavy groove sound. The new album "The Wedding" is great and the track "High Life" is in my constant rotaion They are also playing Mercury Lounge on October 21.
    Over all it was a great day on music and fun. I can't wait for next years event.