Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The White Stripes @ the Fillmore at Irving Plaza fucking rocked. This show was amazing and to think it is only the appetizer before the main course. Jack and Meg just flat out destroyed Irving Plaza tonight. In my opinion the show really got going in the Icky Thump>Canon mash up. This version awesome as Jack just jammed on that opening line of Canon before unleashing the furry. The set which lasted for 2 hours just seemed to fly by. Check out my longer review over at Hidden Track and check back all summer for more pictures and reviews from the White Stripes shows at Halifax, Glace bay, MSG, Virginia, Connecticut and ACL.
See more photos here.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Three Years on and I still say WTF.

Today marks the third anniversary of one of the top 2 what the fuck moments in Phish history. Three years ago Phish shocked a sold out audience in Coney Island by announcing Jay-Z as there special guest. Some would argue that the collaboration that followed was horrible. While others thought it was brilliant. Me I just thought it was a typical Phish move. The band always knew just how to surprise their audience the best. Although my biggest what the fuck moment was definitely when Kid Rock came out in Las Vegas this was still a pretty cool thing to witness.