Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Secret Machines @ the Hiro Ballroom

The Hiro Ballroom + a special "in the round" performance + The Secret Machines = BRILLIANT! Last night the Secret Machines celebrated the release of their second album "Ten Silver Drops" by performing a "one of a kind" set in the round. The stage was set up in the middle of the floor with all three members of the group facing each other and the audience surrounding them. This stage set up for some reason really fit the Secret Machines. The set featured a lot of new material which all sounded really great to me. At time the band was plagued with technical difficulties. Other than these few problem the set was great. It definitely restored my interest in the Secret Machines which had been depleting for a while. The set was also filmed for a possible DVD release.
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Two Gallants @ the Bowery Ballroom

Last night Two Gallants rocked the Bowery Ballroom. I really enjoy Two Gallants blues-folk-punk sound. It is very reminiscent of another time but still very modern. The crowd was very enthused and really into the show last night. Their set which featured mostly material from "What the Toll Tells" including "Las Cruces Jail", "Steady Rollin", "Long Summer Day" and "Waves of Grain". If you haven't yet heard Two Gallants be sure to check out their two great full length albums or you can download a show from last year here.
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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Celebration @ the Bowery Ballroom

Celebration played great set before TV on the Radio last week at the Bowery Ballroom. This was the first time I had heard their music and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Part of the reason I felt their set went over so well was because their lead singer. She jumped into the crowd during the second song and got people to dance. Her performance was very fun tow atch as was the rest of the band. The guitar player in also plays an awesome organ of some kind and that has a series of moog foot pedals. Celebration are currently on tour with TV and the Radio and they are definitely worth showing up early to see.
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Two Gallants playing the Bowery Ballroom tomorrow and download

In addition to going to concerts I also enjoy listen to recordings of recordings concerts. So I have decided to start offering recording of concerts of band that I really dig, or shows I went to or shows that in my opinion rock and so on and so on. The first concert I am offering for download is a great performance by Two Gallants. The reason I chose this recording was because Two Gallants perform tomorrow night at the Bowery Ballroom. Look for a photos from tomorrow's show on Tuesday and look for more concerts for download later this week.
Photo by : West Hayes

Two Gallants
Ernest A. Becker Amphitheater, California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA, USA
4 May 2005
I Met My Baby at Japan Town Bowl and She Broke My Heart Over A Bowl of Nachos
The Only Woman That I Love
Steady Rollin'
Two Days Short Tomorrow
Way Out In West Texas
Settin' The Woods On Fire
Nothing To You