Friday, June 23, 2006

My Morning Jacket and the Boston Pops

Wow! This was easily my favorite concert I have seen this year. Jim James and Keith Lockhart completely out did themselves. MMJ not only melted my face last night but my heart and mind. Hearing Jim sing some of these songs with a full orchestra behind him was just breathe taking. Look for a longer review over the weekend with videos of "At Dawn", "I Will Sing" and "Run Thru".

Monday, June 19, 2006

More Bonnaroo Goodness!

Here is a clip of the first perfomance by Trey, Mike and The Duo. They will be on tour this summer with Phil Lesh & Friends plus few other dates. I must say that in my opinion this group is much better than any of the other post Phish projects. Although I am quite fond of Ramble Dove.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Band Of Horses @ the Bowery Ballroom

Hey Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket called and they want their sound back! Just kidding their is enough reverb to go around for everyone. Band of Horses who in my opinion do sound way too much like a My Morning Jacket cover band played the Bowery Ballroom on Friday night. The band was definitely working pretty hard on stage and I think a lot of people in the crowd were really into the show. But I felt like every time they would get into a rocking groove the song would just abruptly end. I had never really felt this way when listening to their album, "Everything All the Time". But live a lot off these songs just came of sounding way to bland and straight forward. However the song "The Great Salt Lake" sounded really great live as did a few of the new songs. Even though I wasn't blown away by this performance I will give them another chance perhaps when the return in fall.

Tom Petty and My Morning Jacket @ Bonnaroo videos

I have been really excited for Tom Petty at MSG since the announcement of the show. And after watching this video I am even more excited. So in case you haven't seen this video here is, Tom Petty's entire performance at Bonnaroo. Enjoy

Tom Petty at Bonnaroo (this is a sendspace link)

I never really gave much thought to going to Bonnaroo this year until I heard that My Morning Jacket would be playing a three hour set on the opening night. When I first heard this I went straight to Orbitz and tried to find a cheap flight but there was nothing for under 450 dollars so I decided that I would just have to except missing this sure to be kick ass set. Well it appears that I am going to have a harder time excepting this now that I have seen the video(incomplete) and read the set setlist. It appear MMJ have out down themselves once again. The show saw them perform 30 songs. They brought back their classic song "Phone Went West"(sweet!!!) a hand full of covers and there were guest spots by Andrew Bird and KC Guetig.

MMJ @ Bonnaroo(this is a sendspace link)